The Lifting of Spirits -Canadian Artificial Lift market

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550, 000 persons are directly employed in Canadian oil industry. Employment generation and contribution to nation building are what that can lift the spirits of countrymen and this is being provided by the oil production activity. The proven petroleum oil deposits in Canada is estimated at 172 billion barrels, which places it in third place in the world after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Petroleum deposits of Canada consists of 90% in oil sands and rest 10% is of conventional oil. Currently it is only in Canada that both tight oil and shale gas are able to be produced in an economically viable manner. Between 2011 and 2014, the growth of tight oil jumped from 0.2 million barrels per day (bbl/d) to double at 0.4 million bbl/d. The growth of Canadian tight oil production is fueled by the confirmed reserves and increasing demand. Alberta and Saskatchewan are two regions which hold the most promising tight oil fields in Canada. With the growth in oil exploration and production activity grows the demand for associated equipment.
Artificial Lift is a technique employed to increase the flow of the oil or liquid from reservoir to surface when the natural pressure is found to be lacking. After a certain point of time the artificial lift needs to be deployed to increase the oil flow in the well, as the natural pressure decreases. Several types of artificial lifting pumps are used today. Most common of them is Beam Pump. Another type of artificial lift pump, is a hydraulic pump, which operate by using high pressure liquids on one side that helps to lift the oil from the well. Other types of artificial lift pumps are Electric Submersible pumps (ESP), Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP), Sub-surface, Jet Pump and Hybrid pump. However irrespective of the commercial benefits of oil several challenges exists regarding oil explorations in the country.

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