TECH-WORLD WARS: A Fight for the Ultimate Gizmo?

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In today’s consumer driven world -the USP is just a simple logic! Better the design of the product, better is the impression. Companies who have forayed into multiple segments and have a strong foot hold in market are adopting different strategies. They’re going places to grab eye-balls and give their competitors a run for their monies. The global market is seeing an upswing of tech-products which offers satisfaction in Mobile, TV/Audio/Video and Computer segments. With Gen 2.0 becoming increasingly tech-savvy, companies with various product line are segmenting, targeting and positioning scientifically this consumer base, depending on their life-cycle of the product with consumer preference. Each and every segment has its particular significance and consumer’s definition for these brands is different. Let’s see how these segment definition is:


Television- A Fight for the Ultimate Gizmo?
Television/ Audio/Video

Television has played its dominance in tech world. Technology advanced from black-white televisions to smart TV’s. Thanks to Samsung, LG, Phillips and others who have adopted these and given best in-class products for the consumer with expanding product lines. High definition Television has spurred the growth of this segment.

Sony, a leading player in Television segment has given other companies like LG and Samsung, a tough competition due to its continuous product enhancement in Television. Audio products like sound bars have further provided impetus to market growth with focus on niche consumers. With one of the most iconic products “Walkman”, Sony has made huge advancements in this field. New sound systems and technologies embedded in television, Sony has created a huge brand name for itself, making it tougher for Phillips, Samsung and LG and other players to compete.


Edgy market with heavy competitors at loggerheads. Sony still has its dominance.


Gadgets, Technology

The importance for this segment is that every product which is being introduced into the market faces tough competition. Desktops are witnessing sales slump, with Laptops witnessing huge growth. Customization and durability as offered by Dell, and lightweight and high performance products being launched by different manufactures, has further provided impetus to the sales of laptops. Computer products usage rate has been increased and products like Pen drives, Hard-discs and Printers are in huge demand. Accessory companies are also witnessing growth. Seagate, Brother International are Kingston are some of the major ones in pen-drives market. Similar growth is being observed in other products segments.


  1. In a customized laptop segment Dell continues to maintain its supremacy and being a people choice, it’ll be a neck to neck competition for other companies.
  2. Accessories segment continues to support companies.



Apple has global presence, with its products targeted to attract niche customer segment. But there is huge competition in low cost smartphone segment. Samsung, with introduction of Android platform in association with Google took the smartphone market by storm with various products targeted at different consumer segment.  To sum it, Samsung has topped as a market leader from its introducing of the first Android. Even though, Android has been a market leader in Smartphone OS market, there are different OS developers in Smartphone market. Windows being one of the major OS being used for smartphones. Even though, it has negligible share as compared to Android, Nokia’s fallout with Microsoft, has helped Microsoft to think of different strategy to make its Windows OS for smartphones popular among consumers. Windows and Android phones market have been at covert tech wars for quite some time with people eyeing Windows phones. But the comfort level offered by Android would take quite some time for Windows OS to reach that level.


Mobile companies are behind Google on account of huge demand for its Android platform. But, with Microsoft looking for new strategies to make its Windows OS popular, the Mobile OS market will witness huge competition in near future, with consumers having multitude of options.


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