Overview of Head and Neck Cancer

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Head and neck cancer are the different malignant tumors which develop in or around the throat, larynx, nose, sinuses, and mouth. Most of these cancers are squamous cell carcinomas. A risk factor can be explained as something which increases the chance of developing cancer. The main risk factors for this cancer are by intake of tobacco and alcohol, it was found that 75% of these cancers are linked to this. Over past 20 years, cancers in tonsils and near the tongue have become more common. Many of these cancers are connected to infection of HPV virus. Sore throat, lumps in the mouth or on the neck region, trouble in swallowing, and change in the voice are some of the symptoms for these type of cancers.

The rising incidences in the number of cases suffering from head and neck cancers have always been the major driving factor for Head and neck cancer market. It is estimated that nearly 550,000 new cases are diagnosed of Head & Neck cancer globally each year and nearly 6% of the malignancies occur in the USA. According to the American Cancer society nearly 40,000 people in USA are diagnosed with Head & Neck Cancer and account for nearly 5-6% of the cancer cases in the USA alone. In Europe nearly 56,000 cases diagnosed annually. A research survey shows that 66% of the time, the oral cancers are diagnosed at the later stages. In US, a new head and neck cancer case is identified every 10 minutes and death of a person from this disease is in every 45 minutes and it is estimated that about $3.2 billion is spent for treatment of neck and head cancers every year.

Mostly these type of cancers are cured if they are diagnosed at the early stages. The different methods of treatment depends on the age, location and stages of the cancer, they include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, etc. However, latest research on new medications, immunotherapy, Gene therapy, RFA technique have added advantage to the treatment of cancers.

Global Head and Neck Cancer Market

As the economic situation improves in countries and patients gain greater access to medication, this will present a growing opportunity for drugs targeting H&N cancer. It is observed that socioeconomic status is a key indicator of the high disease incidence. The market is currently weak competitively and as a result there is a large unmet need in terms of safety and efficacy. As long as there are proper measures taken to tackle the growth of the disease, the head and neck cancer incidence is expected to increase gradually on a yearly basis.

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