New Range Of UV Flexo Inks By The Flint Group

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The Flint Group recently announced a new range of UV flexo inks called Flexocure ANCORA 50, which are low migration inks meant exclusively for food labels and few flexible packaging applications. The intention behind producing this new portfolio of inks is to tend to the growing demand for short run label and packaging applications across multiple industrial sectors, such as FMCG, Healthcare, etc. This particular range of inks are inexpensive and help in producing print labels of optimum quality.

It has become quite difficult meet few specific packaging applications that require low migration inks. Flint Group’s Flexocure ANCORA 50 has finally succeeded in meeting this particular demand in the market. Flexocure ANCORA along with Lithocure ANCORA (with UV offset), are both produced exclusively for the most rigid food packaging applications. As stated by the company professionals, this product has been developed to meet all the modern demands of the packaging industry without compromising on multiple stringent food safety regulations.

Customers particularly looking for high quality and low migration inks with great efficiency can definitely buy this particular product, to produce better print labels for their products. These labels printed with this ink can be used without worrying about parameters such as the packaging material used, the print design, and the packaged food storage conditions.

The print labels market is in fact gaining momentum and is bound to grow with multiple companies producing different cost effective methods, to improve the existing product label designs. Mordor Intelligence has done an extensive study on the current Print Labels Market and has jotted down the best players in the market report, to help you make the best choice for your product design. Apart from this information, the report also contains information on the potential the Print Labels Market hold during the forecasted period 2015-2020, along with the market contribution of the different label markets segmented by print technology, print label type, and the industrial sectors the market caters to.

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