Mordor is on Pluto!?!

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NASA’s New Horizon revealed more discoveries and mysteries about the dwarf planet and its moons during its Pluto Fly-by last week. The US space agency also revealed an image of Pluto’s largest moon Charon which has a vast dark area on its north pole.

Charon, Pluto’s largest moon, has an area informally named Mordor, after a J.R. Tolkien creation.

New Horizons team refers to a dark patch over 320 km (200 mi) in diameter near the north pole of Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, as Mordor, famously the home of Sauron and Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings.

I guess finally, the humans managed to find our base on Charon, Moon of Pluto. But you are never going to take our “precious” away from us. Our “one ring” team is too good to be conquered by any Kingdom in the Universe. Unlike Sauron we have helped industries grow with our innovative and unique insights that made even the elves look like Orcs. Don’t believe it? Ask Smeagol.

Mordor is on Pluto!?!

As for us, whether we operate from Charon or from Earth or from our own little mother ship from a faraway Galaxy, we come in peace. We will continue to bring you in-depth market analysis and consulting services with our extraplanetary methodology to help you make better business decisions. We provide quantitative and qualitative research with an accurate forecast of the market numbers.

Like the fire welled up from the heart of Orodruin, we collect data and forge it into valuable Business Insights.

Take that middle Earth!!!


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