Middle East and Africa Artificial Lift, Why, How and Where?

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What The Artificial Lift is a technique employed to increase the flow of the oil or liquid from reservoir to surface when the natural pressure is found to be lacking. After a certain point of time the artificial lift needs to be deployed to increase the oil flow in the well, as the natural pressure decreases.
How various types of pumps are used to Beam Pumping is the most common type of artificial pumps available. The design of an artificial lift is like a piston pump. Here the major components are a sucker rod string and sucker rod pump. The sucker rod string makes an up and down motion to pull the rods which is controlled by the pump. The rods are connected to the well in the reservoir and through their motion, pumps the oil out to surface. Prime mover is term used for electronic or gas engines that power the pumps. The prime mover is controlled by a speed reducer to enable pump speeds of about 20 times per minute. Another type of artificial lift pump, is a hydraulic pump, which operate by using high pressure liquids on one side that helps to lift the oil from the well. The hydraulic pumps are of three types, like: Reciprocating Piston Pump, Hydraulically Driven Down hole Turbine (HSP) and Jet Pump. Other types of artificial lift pumps are Electric Submersible pumps (ESP), Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP), Sub-surface and Hybrid pump.
Where Since artificial lift is essential for oil production activity, so whenever there is demand for oil production there lies the inherent demand for artificial lifts. The market demand for crude oil and gas in Middle Eastern nations has been quite robust. Although OPEC, the cartel for oil producing countries has imposed quota for each countries production but there is little regard for it among countries. It is the mutual competition among big oil producers that are driving the market for oil supply. The elevated offshore reserves Egypt, Tanzania, and Mozambique have also amplified the interest of dozens of oil companies operating in Africa.

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