Know Your Packaging Labels Better

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Package Labels are, in fact, a customer’s first point-of-contact with the product or the product package.

How important are Package Labels?

The design of the labels on the package reflect the brand’s message and the brand identity.

It contributes hugely to how a consumer perceives a particular product by looking at a product label and how big an impact it makes on the consumer’s mind.

Usage of defective and badly designed package labels could lead to loss of product during the shipping process or it could also end up send out the wrong message about the product to its potential buyers. One must also know that the stickers on the package also play an important role in product sales.

The Digital Technology has now started helping the industry in making attractive label designs, to encourage the potential consumers to make purchases.

The package labels differ from one product category to another. Hence, the designing of a package label is one crucial task before putting the product out in the market.

Package Labels communicate a message to its consumers that include, 

  1. Type of product inside the package,
  2. How to use the product
  3. Whether the package is recyclable
  4. Details to for tracking purpose
  5. Security or authentication seals that assure us that the contents of the package are genuine

Are you aware of the different types of labels available in the market?

The global print label market is enormous and these labels come in different forms, namely,

  1. Shrink Labels/ Shrink Sleeve Labels
  2. Pressure Sensitive Labels
  3. Shrink Bundling Film
  4. Cut and Slack Labels
  5. Roll Fed Labels

When it comes to Print Labels,

They should be capable of withstanding harsh environments during shipping, storage or point of use. This is because many labels tend to get damaged when exposed to sunlight, chemicals, dirty or wet environments.

Where does the demand lie currently?

As per Mordor Intelligence’s report, the current “Print Label” market is estimated to grow at a moderate rate to reach a $43.57 billion by the end of year 2020 at a CAGR of 5.91% over the year 2015-2020.

Currently, the Pressure Sensitive or Self-Adhesive Labels holds the largest market share when compared to the rest of the Print Label Types. This is because the Pressure Sensitive Labels are one of the most versatile labels available in the market. These labels can work well with literally any combination of printing technique and methods, and are suitable for any kind of container (packaging).


Global Print Label Market 1

Mordor Intelligence

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