Iran: A post Sanctions Investment Hub

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As economic sanctions are lifted from the oil and gas rich country of Iran, the global investors are looking for investment opportunity in the region. Iran has world’s fourth largest oil reserve and second largest natural gas stock. Blessed with large educated population and huge industrial base, the investment opportunities look shining for Iran. Iran plans to expand it petroleum export which was hit adversely during the years of economic sanctions. However, the falling oil prices will still be a concern for the nation.

Apart from petro-chemical exports, Iran also plans to invest heavily in automobiles, civil aviation, Information and Communication Technology and construction sector. Now that sanctions are going to be lifted, international investors are planning their investment strategies in the nation. ‘India’ the only country which stood by Iran during the economic sanctions, has been given opportunity by Iranian government to expand and speed up its construction and infrastructure investments. India is helping Iran to develop its Chabahar port which will not only ease Tehran –Delhi trade, but is also of strategic importance to India. India is also helping Tehran to develop its road and railway network so that it can gain easy access to Central Asia for trade purposes via Iran.

Being a big country with healthy demographics and low levels of debts, Iran will be a big investment opportunity post sanctions. Huge earning of ‘petro-dollar’ helps Iran to undertake huge infrastructure projects. Helped by a reformist government, Iran is opening up foreign investments and is extending olive branches to its old enemies. With a GDP of $ 440 billion, Iran is 27th largest economy of the world ahead of Taiwan and Thailand. Blessed with extremely good geographic location, it has good connectivity with Europe, Central Asia, South Asia, Gulf nations and North Africa which can help to boost its trade significantly. Given extra dependency on oil and petroleum products (which is experiencing huge price volatility), Iran government is looking to diversify its export portfolio by encouraging its manufacturing base.

Major Sectors of Iran includes:                                                                                         

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