How Digital Technology is taking over the Package Label Market?

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The Digital Printing Technology has a major role in this particular market. Due to its cost-effectiveness and professional high-quality printing in industrial size digital press, Digital Print Market is going to see the highest growth during this particular period. This technology can literally print on any kind of material such as film, paper and metal substances.

The Digital Print Technology has definitely sped up the process of printing package labels. As this method does not require the use of printing plates, press set-up material and set-up time are greatly reduced. The high-resolution display of these digital labels also makes them easier to read.

Recently, Xaar, a Cambridge-based company that supplies industrial inkjet printheads launched 1002 GS12U print-head that is a great addition to the existing UV inkjet printing market. This printhead has one of the largest drop capacities. This, when integrated with the company’s TF Technology ink recirculation, can print opaque whites onto package labels as well as overprint varnishes. These printers possess really good printing speed and are available for direct-to-shape packaging applications.

Major brands such as Frito-Lay, Bic, Tide, Kleenex, Heineken, Danone, Lindt chocolate, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Goldfish and many other brands have already started experimenting with the use of digital print technology in their package designs.

Heineken’s “Design Your Own Heineken” campaign involved the use of this technology that enable the customers to design their own beer bottle cover or sleeve. They could choose their favorite photos or background designs and even customize messages. These designs were produced using the HP Indigo Press. The consumers love this kind of interaction with the brand.

With the help of this technology, the packages can not only be made extremely attractive in terms of being more photorealistic but also, highly interactive!

What is the future of this market like?

Asia Pacific will soon dominate the Print Label market, followed by North America and Europe. The use of print labels aren’t restricted to just one industry and vary from the FMCG industry, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Fashion, to Automotive and many more!

The integration of digital technology with the existing label printing technique is bound to bring a huge change to all the small-scale as well as large-scale sectors.



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