Global Print Labels To Hit A $43.57 Billion Mark By 2020

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As per Mordor Intelligence’s estimates, the Global Print Label Market is expected to grow at a moderate rate and hit a $43.57 billion mark by the end of year 2020 at a CAGR of 5.91% over the forecasted period (2015-2020).

Labels play an important role in the marketing of a product, in product identification, brand promotion, as well as in preventing errors during the logistics process. The whole of packaging industry depends on the market of print labels largely. The labels that are either affixed to a product or printed directly on the product help it differentiating one product brand from another. It helps the customers understand the content present inside a product. The design of the labels on the package are also extremely important as they reflect the brand’s message and the brand identity.

As per the data derived after an extensive study of the Print Labels market, the Pressure Sensitive or the Self Adhesive Labels are expected to hold the largest market share in the years to come when compared to the rest of the Print Label Types. . This is because the Pressure Sensitive Labels are supposed to be one of the most versatile labels available in the market. These labels can work well with literally any combination of printing technique and methods, and are suitable for any kind of container (packaging).


Mordor Intelligence

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