Global Advanced Process Control Market growing at a high CAGR

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The Advanced Process Control (APC) technology is the broad range of techniques for industrial process control and can be deployed optionally in addition to the basic control. The basic control is built with the process itself to facilitate basic operations. It is designed in order to support control and automations. Process Control can either be basic or advanced and is applicable to the process industries, including petrochemicals, chemicals, food processing, manufacturing etc. Process automation can otherwise be referred to as Process Controls.

The technology encompasses a wide range of sophisticated technologies to optimize plant performance and stabilize plant operations. Today the technology is being used in a range of new applications apart from the conventional areas of operations such as Oil and Gas, Production and Manufacturing etc.

The major market players in the domain are ABB Ltd., Aspen Technology, Inc., Emerson Electric Co., GE, Honeywell International, Inc., Rockwell Automation, Inc., Schneider Electric etc.

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