Information & Communications Technology

Cooling Vendors Are Developing Green Technologies

Cooling vendors are developing green technologies to reduce energy consumption and decrease environmental impact. In near future the usage of these cooling techniques in...
Mordor Intelligence Mordor Intelligence
1 min read

Top Five Emerging Technologies that will Impact…

Top Five Emerging Technologies that will Impact Our Lives in Near Future Technology, like time, never waits. It’s nature is to forge ahead at an...
Mordor Intelligence Mordor Intelligence
5 min read

The Theory of Fraud Detection and Prevention

Some of the common myths associated with frauds are “It won’t happen to me!” or “We have everything under control” or “We have hired...
Mordor Intelligence Mordor Intelligence
4 min read

TECH-WORLD WARS: A Fight for the Ultimate…

In today’s consumer driven world -the USP is just a simple logic! Better the design of the product, better is the impression. Companies who...
Mordor Intelligence Mordor Intelligence
2 min read

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