Aerospace & Defense

Military Satellite Market to register a CAGR…

1. Implementation of AI in Satellite Communication to be a Major Trend in the Coming Decade The market prospects for applying machine learning to...
Divya Basuti Divya Basuti
2 min read


We live in an era where saving time is more critical than saving money. Perhaps this is why air transportation, which earlier was solely...
Vamsi Krishna Saraswathula Vamsi Krishna Saraswathula
3 min read


OVERVIEW The aviation industry currently faces an escalating crisis, owing to the shortage of qualified pilots for operating the aircraft. According to a new...
Dipra Majumdar Dipra Majumdar
2 min read

The downfall of Pratt & Whitney and…

Overview Indigo Airlines, the low-cost carrier (LCC) of India having headquarters in Gurgaon, New Delhi are now planning to replace their fleet of Airbus...
Dipra Majumdar Dipra Majumdar
1 min read

Bombardier Luxury Jet: Nearly Brushing the Sound…

Bombardier Inc. announced the completion of the test flight of their new Global 7000 Luxury Business Jets. According to the company, the prototype version...
Dipra Majumdar Dipra Majumdar
2 min read

Aircraft Upgrade: Sentinel R Mk 1

Overview Raytheon UK together with the Ministry of Defense (United Kingdom) has taken steps in order to retain the Sentinel R1 in service which...
Dipra Majumdar Dipra Majumdar
1 min read

Business Jet Market Flying out Of Turbulence

Business Jet Market is going through a period of boom with record numbers in sales now.Huge demand for aircrafts has pushed even some pre-owned...
Mordor Intelligence Mordor Intelligence
1 min read

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