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Middle East and Africa Artificial Lift, Why, How and Where?

What The Artificial Lift is a technique employed to increase the flow of the oil or liquid from reservoir to surface when the natural...
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Why do Market Research?

HOW MARKET RESEARCH MATTERS Market Research today has indeed become a fundamental element of setting up or expanding any business. In fact, its scope...
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What the Future Holds for the Data Acquisition Market

The Data Acquisition (DAQ) market growing at a CAGR of 6.07%, is currently valued at $ 2.26 billion in 2015 and is estimated to...
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Data Acquisition (DAQ) involves gathering signals from sources of measurement and converting the signals in digital form for the purpose of storage, analysis and...
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Evolution of the Data Acquisition Market

Then and Now DAQs are control systems, mostly used in the Industries, to gather data from sensors through transducers and instruments placed at remote...
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Data Acquisition (DAQ) Market higher than ever before!

A Data Acquisition system comprises of instruments that acquire data from sensors, converting them into digital forms for storing in a central location. This data...
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Global Advanced Process Control Market growing at a high CAGR

The Advanced Process Control (APC) technology is the broad range of techniques for industrial process control and can be deployed optionally in addition to...
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Components of Data Acquisition (DAQ) Market

The DAQ market is expected to grow from an estimated $ 2.26 Billion in 2014 to $ 3.03 Billion in 2020 at a CAGR...
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Iran: A post Sanctions Investment Hub

As economic sanctions are lifted from the oil and gas rich country of Iran, the global investors are looking for investment opportunity in the...
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Energy Management Systems Market In The Middle East And Africa

The world’s population is on the rise. With this population increase, our demand for energy is also increasing. The major part of today’s energy...
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