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Analyzing the Oilfield Chemicals Market

Oilfield Chemicals – Application Areas: Oilfield chemicals form an integral part of the oil and gas industry and find extensive use in various stages...
0 3 min read

Portable Ultrasound: Next Big Thing in Diagnostic Imaging?

What are portable ultrasound devices? Portable ultrasound devices have all the components like analyzer, image processor and generator and the image display, condensed into...
0 3 min read

Optogenetics – Shedding Light on the Brain’s Secret

Optogenetics is an emerging neurological technique, which has thrown the doors open to innovations in neuroscience, behavior tracking, age related ailments, vision problems and...
0 2 min read

Why Invest in Saudi Arabia’s Fisheries Sector?

Food Insecurity in GCC Saudi Arabia is the biggest and most populous of all GCC countries. Consequently, KSA is the region’s most burdened in...
0 1 min read

The Global Leaders in PVC Market – Market Share, Product Portfolio and Recent Developments

The business landscape of polyvinyl chloride market is becoming increasingly complex. Major players in the market are focused on growth stabilization through innovations in...
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Recent Developments in the Global PVC Market Competitive Landscape

The global PVC market witnessed several changes in the competitive landscape over the last two years. Here is a list of major events that...
0 1 min read

The Top 10 Major Players in the Global PVC Market

The PVC market is highly segmented with top five players occupying only about 24% of the global market share and a large number of...
0 5 min read

Construction Industry in Asia-Pacific and Increasing Applications in Healthcare – The Major Factors Driving Global PVC Market

The construction sector is one of the major end-user industries of PVC. Over 60% of the PVC produced in Europe are used in the...
0 2 min read

PVC – The Market, Products, Applications and the Future

PVC is one of the oldest synthetic material. After its discovery in the 19th century, the demand for PVC increased substantially during WWII to...
0 2 min read

Global PVC Market: Industry Overview – Product and End-User Market Analysis

Approximately half of the world’s annual manufactured PVC resin is used for producing pipes for a range of industrial applications. These piping systems are...
0 1 min read

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