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SciFi in Ag: Chatbot with your Plants?

Mordor Intelligence announces the publication of their research report on the global precision farming market. The report titled “Global Precision Farming Market- Application, Geography,...
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Film Radiography Declining in Industrial Testing Applications

DODGED THE DIGITAL DILEMMA The shift from analog to digital technology has given a new lease of life for NDT applications in the industrial...
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Widely accepted facts about plastics are a mere misconception!

The Plastic Dilemma Currently, there are varied opinions and beliefs among the consumers regarding plastic, and consumers’ perspective is just one of the many...
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Stevia – A Growing Guilt-Free Indulgence

Owing to its intense sweetness and negligible calorie content, stevia has become a buzzword in the sweetener market. Consumers nowadays are seeking best of...
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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, in his famous quote, written around 5th century BC, was essentially referring to nutraceuticals. The portmanteau of the words...
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Emulsifiers: Micro Technology with Macro Effect

Introduction Water and oil, when mixed together and vigorously shaken, form a dispersion of oil droplets in water. Once the shaking stops, the phases...
1 3 min read

Tomato – The God Food for Nutrition and Human Health

A recent study conducted by Ohio State University in the United States reported that the dietary carotenoids that impart tomatoes their color, protect the...
1 2 min read

Here is the Roughage to Alleviate Your Health Distress!

Ever thought of such a bizarre name for something that can be eaten? Well, that’s because the roughage or bulk doesn’t contribute to negligible...
1 2 min read

Will New Aqua Feed Save Ocean Life from Extinction?

If you are a social media animal, you could not have missed the obituary to the Great Barrier Reef, which went viral in October...
0 2 min read

Driving change – one paw at a time!

Gone are the days, when rearing a pet was a sign of sophistication. With changing demographics that lead to an increase in nuclear families,...
1 2 min read

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