Sunil Kumar Sunil is a Market Research professional with 1.5 years of experience in business research, market research, and client servicing in the automotive domain. He is extremely committed & an energetic individual, having always worked beyond the defined mark. He enjoys challenges & is driven by initiatives.


Sunil Kumar

10 Stories by Sunil Kumar

Things to Know about the Indian Luxury Car Market

THE LUXURY CAR MARKET IS EXPECTED TO WITNESS GROWTH DESPITE RESTRICTIVE BUDGET The Indian luxury car market has massive potential for growth. Penetration levels...
2 min read

Things to Know About the Global Luxury Car Market

RISE IN THE USE OF LUXURY VEHICLES In the next couple of years, the leading manufacturers of premium passenger cars and crossovers expect to...
1 min read

Things to Know About the Electric Truck Market

WHAT IS PROPELLING THE GROWTH OF THE ELECTRIC TRUCK MARKET? While trucks play a significant role in the growth of any market, they are...
3 min read

About the Chinese Luxury Car Market

HOW IS GROWING INVESTMENT IN CHINA, INFLUENCING AUTO INDUSTRY GROWTH? China is the largest car market, globally. Chinese consumers purchase almost double the number...
2 min read

Commercial Vehicle Market Share, Trends, Forecasts, Analysis

IMPACT OF SURGE IN BUSINESS ON THE COMMERCIAL VEHICLE MARKET The commercial vehicles market is gaining benefits from various businesses, as the US economy...
2 min read

South America Automotive High Performance Electric Vehicle Market Analysis

CURRENT ELECTRIC VEHICLE MARKET SCENARIO IN THE REGION The South American electric vehicle market is in its early stages, with just a few thousand...
2 min read

All about the Middle East & Africa Automotive High Performance Electric Vehicle Market

THE MIDDLE EAST IS BECOMING A HUB FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT The Middle East is rapidly becoming a regional leader for the adoption of...
2 min read

All about the Chinese Electric Vehicle Market

ELECTRIC VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT IN CHINA The Chinese government is investing majorly in the development of electric vehicles. Businesses and governments all over the world...
2 min read

Things to Know about the US Autonomous Car Market

US CITIES ARE PREPARING FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES About 25 cities in the United States are preparing for autonomous vehicles. For instance, Washington, DC, is...
2 min read

Things to Know about the European Automotive High-performance Electric Vehicle Market

DEVELOPING CHARGING POINT INFRASTRUCTURE IN EUROPE EXPECTED TO DRIVE THE MARKET The growth of the European automotive high-performance electric vehicle market mainly depends on...
2 min read

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