Srikanth Sammeta

  Srikanth is currently working as a Senior Research Analyst in the Agriculture domain at Mordor Intelligence. He is dedicated to providing insightful and practical research to the industry through investigating trends, analyzing data and engaging with the agricultural community space. He has a great expertise in innumerable fields mainly encompassing activities for research prioritization, market research amongst others.


Srikanth Sammeta

2 Stories by Srikanth Sammeta

Hydroponics: The Next Generation Farming Approach!

Hydroponics involves the process of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in sand, gravel, or liquid, without using soil. Due to the increasing success...
3 2 min read

Micronutrient fertilizers: A solution to double the yield!

Presence of micronutrients in optimum concentration is necessary for the plant to complete its life cycle. While micronutrients are required in small quantities, their...
0 1 min read

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