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VeriSign DNS firewall: A new tool to combat cyber attacks

Hackers are becoming sophisticated. Protecting an enterprise from cyber attacks is turning out to be a challenge. Just when one problem is solved, hackers...
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‘Watson Health’ is going to bring revolution in Healthcare Data Analytics

Everyone is excited about IBM Watson. It is an artificial intelligent machine that is capable of answering question that is posed in natural language....
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The pros and cons of Outsourced and In-house Clinical data analytics

Healthcare is undergoing major changes that are making health organizations to face an unavoidable question. How to increase the performance? How to lower the...
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Clinical Data Analytics improves healthcare and reduce costs

Healthcare is quickly moving to more evidence driven medicine from rather independent decision-making based on isolated individual cases. Healthcare is becoming personalized, connected and...
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Implementation challenges – Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a complete set of tools, practices, technologies and methodologies, which helps organizations to gain insights into their business and make business...
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Having the common data set is vital for next generation analytics

Most of the companies, especially Finance and Energy are still looking at dated reports which are compiled manually instead of taking the assistance of...
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Fraud Detection and Prevention (FDP) is becoming an integral part of business plan for cloud providers

The eruption of cloud technology is is a boon to enterprises. It is evolving now like never before with every business small or big...
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It is vital for CIO and CTO of an organization to be aware of latest developments in Fraud Detection & Prevention Systems

Recently, cyber security firm Kaspersky reported that hackers have gained access to more than 100 banks in over 30 countries from past 2 years...
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Voice biometrics and behavioural analytics to battle fraudulent attacks on call centers

There is a rise in call center fraud in recent years as reported by retailers and financial services companies. With technological advancements, the companies...
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How big data and machine learning revolutionise the Fraud Detection & Prevention Market

Internet has penetrated into every sector and vertical, making them vulnerable to organized and automated crimes. Especially the Banking and Financial sectors with increased...
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