Lohit Kilaru

  http://www.mordorintelligence.com Kilaru Naga Lohit works as a Research Associate for the ICT domain at Mordor Intelligence. He holds a degree in manufacturing engineering and is dedicated to providing key industry insights on the new and emerging technologies through investigating trends, analyzing data and engaging with Tech & Research community.


Lohit Kilaru

2 Stories by Lohit Kilaru

Unmanned Marine Vehicle Market expected to register CAGR of 11.67%

Most of the unmanned vehicles in use are aerial in nature. However, use of unmanned vehicles for marine purposes is expected to increase in...
1 min read

Analyst Predictions about the Unmanned Marine Vehicle Market

Unmanned marine vehicles provide an effective alternative for typical marine jobs performed by the personnel. As technological innovations improve, the cost of acquisition of...
1 min read

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