Kshitij Goel

  http://www.mordorintelligence.com Kshitij Goel works as a Research Associate with Mordor Intelligence, a market consulting and business advisory firm, with expertise in forecasting and assessing the impact of megatrends on the chemicals and materials industry. He is proficient in evaluating attractive market opportunities based on technology innovation and sustainability. Also, competent in gauging various aspects of market research, including market dynamics, market share analysis, company profiling, and financial & Porter’s five forces analysis.


Kshitij Goel

2 Stories by Kshitij Goel

Analyst Forecast about the Cysteine Market

1. Dough Conditioning Application is Expected to Drive the Market Cysteine is widely used in the bakery industry as a dough conditioner. It tears...
2 min read

What you need to know about the Cysteine Market?

Cysteine is one of the 20 natural amino acids that stabilize proteins by forming disulfide bridges. It is responsible for the strong fiber strands...
2 min read

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