Kaushal Rajesh Pande

  Kaushal Rajesh Pande is working as a Research Associate with Mordor Intelligence, a market research and consulting firm. He is dedicated to providing insightful and practical research to the industry through investigating trends, analyzing data and engaging with the Food and Beverages community space.


Kaushal Rajesh Pande

7 Stories by Kaushal Rajesh Pande

Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients – The highly efficient protein delivery solution

Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients are a simple, broken-down version of intact and wholesome protein produced specifically for the purpose of obtaining enhanced absorption capabilities. They contain...
0 2 min read

What preserves, also promotes!

The preservation of food is one of the oldest technologies known to man. Preservatives have successfully augmented and made food available for extended periods....
0 2 min read

The Amalgamation of Indulgence, Convenience and Westernization!

The history of bakery products dates back to the Roman Empire, from where these products have attained phenomenal transformation. The baked goods, which were...
3 2 min read

The Astonishing World of Biotic Foods

The word, ‘bacteria’, often conveys a wrong notion of something that exclusively causes illness. Not all bacteria cause disease; there are many species of...
0 3 min read

The Great Potential of the Marine World!!!

Humans evolved from marine organisms millions of years ago, and are still very much attached to their roots, which caters to their ever-demanding “needs”....
0 3 min read

More nutrients to enhance usual diets!

Food is an immense source of nutrients that nourish our body. Interestingly, food is not the only one! It is a well-known fact that...
0 3 min read

Collagen – A beauty-bestowing and health-promoting protein

Collagen has been known to be a panacea for all age-related woes, and it’s an indispensable component of most skin care products – particularly...
0 2 min read

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